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Your products are our most valuable commodity and we do everything so that they reach your customers in a blameless and canonical condition. From the receipt of goods to the quality control to the warehousing and order picking through to packing and shipping, all the process steps are documented with meticulous precision. Thus we can react quickly and flexibly to your customer's requests.

Also highly sensitive products will be taken care of to the best of our ability: Batch tracing, expiration date control (FEFO principle), FIFO principle and temperature monitoring ensure a total quality control. All the standards concerning pallet layout, stacking height and safeguarding for your products are adhered strictly to by our employees. We handle the worldwide shipping of your goods, directly or via our specialized logistics partners at home and abroad.

Erdt Concepts Fulfillment | Warehousing | Storage
  • 11.000 sqm logistics and warehouse space
  • Dynamic warehousing
  • Universal tracking system
  • Batch tracing
  • FEFO / FIFO principle
  • Digital camera surveillance of the whole storage area
  • Goods transaction to the second
  • Persistent inventory management
  • Just-in-time deliveries
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