E-commerce at a glance

E-commerce – Good commercial operations are not available off-the-shelf

Fulfilment in e-commerce – Amazon, eBay and innumerable other e-commerce shopping websites have proven shown how it goes. And in fact the internet appears to offer unimagined opportunities. However, experience shows that many online offerings are not accepted by customers!

It is all the more important for you as an online shop and e-commerce operator to have a strong partner for your e-commerce fulfilment at hand, a partner who understands the requirements of your web shop and knows the industry in which you move – be it lifestyle or consumer goods, electrical and consumer electronics, or any other sector.

With more than 25 years expertise as a logistics company, fulfilment service provider and a specialist in e-commerce fulfilment we know the complex structures, requirements and processes in the online trade necessary for your online shop to prosper.

Interfaces and bidirectional connections enable our logistics software to communicate with your online shop. Also multichannel solutions for managing a large range of goods can be achieved with a high degree of automatization.

We enable you keep pace with the rapid developments in e-business.