Fulfilment at a glance

Fullfillment at Erdt Concepts

Naturally we master all the routine processes of fulfillment, from order receipt to processing, pick & pack and shipping up to Returns management. Also inventory, drop shipping, packaging and campaign dispatch belong to our standard services.

Professional fulfilment – what is really important to your customers?

FulfillmentE-commerce does not stop with pushing the order button. It is rather the sum of all experiences which makes purchasing become a sustainable, positive experience. How quickly did the package come? Were the contents correct? Does the visual and haptic impression of the package meet the emotions aroused in the Shop? How does the product appear in its packaging? If your customer can answer all these questions with a definite „yes“, he will become a „repeat offender“. Only professional fulfilment makes satisfied customers out of one-time buyers. Customers who come repeatedly, who buy repeatedly, and who will recommend you to others.

The correct components are decisive for your success:

  • We cultivate order monitoring: validation and correction of order data based on 23 test criteria. So that the package really does arrive.
  • We are nimble: our cut-off-time is after 6 pm: 95% of the orders are delivered the next morning.
  • We create packaging concepts that are appropriate to the customer segment: individuality with branding, filling and packing materials.
  • You have a direct livewire to our staff in Customer Support and to the warehouse.
  • We cultivate values and live a culture that protects both your as well as our brand.

And what is really important for you?

The first solution is rarely the best. Don’t stall with solid mediocrity; be continually on the look-out for a better solution – this is what characterizes our attitude. From the warehouse staff to the Managing Director, from the software developer up to Artistic Director. We want to deserve the trust of our customers, and not only fulfill but surpass your expectations, wherever they may lead. And certainly also out of self-interest: it simply works better when done with passion.

Use the Fulfilment of Erdt Concepts and make online shopping shopping a perfect purchasing experience for your customers! We gladly coordinate and adapt our services entirely to your requirements. For whatever service performance you decide: in every case, you can also rely on the many years of logistics experience of the Erdt Group in the order processing sector. Outsourcing fulfilment services furthermore sets resources free in your company that you need for doing your core business.